No baking fruit berry sweet awesomeness.

jelly cake pretty beautiful sweets awesome fruits berries no baking


1 lb sour cream
1 cup sugar
3 tb spoons of gelatin
1/2 cup of water
prepared angel cake
some berries, fruits, nuts.


Soak gelatin in cold water for 30 min.
Whip up sour cream and sugar.
Warm up soaked gelatin until it dissolves, don't boil, add whipped
sour cream.

Cover a bowl with a plastic film. Cut up berries, fruits, add some
nuts if desired. Break or cut an angel cake into pieces. Mix pieces
of angel cake with the fruits and berries. Put everything into the film covered bowl.

Pour the gelatin and sour cream mixture over the angel cake and fruit/berries mix.
Put the bowl in a refrigerator for 2 hours.
When the cake in the bowl becomes solid flip the bowl over, carefully place the cake
on the serving plate.

It's done. Enjoy the view and have a piece.

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Funny Google Trouble. Getting Lost in the world wide web.

Hello Google... Where is my name?

I thought this story was funny until I actually figured out
it's hilarious.

A person named Irina Slutsky doesn't think you should be quick
to blame anyone for being given a name when she's describing her way
out of Google.
Remember: don't judge a book by it's cover, after all 
it's not the book's fault- what kind of cover it's got.

Here is a small piece from the trouble report:

"...Google Instant search box... We tried typing letter by letter. S ... skype, sears, southwest airlines. SL ... sleep train, slanted door. SLU.... slumdog millionaire, slurpee. SLUT...SLUTS....

We added the "K," thinking that would solve it. SLUTSK.... still nothing. Only after you clicked "search" did my clips, my Twitter account and my GeekTV videos show up. But the beauty of Google Instant is that it's click-free..."

Well, everyone loves Google, anyway...
And as we all know, small problems make love grow stronger.
Google probably knows that too, and more.
So, let's search on...
You can read the whole story of the lost name right here.


Saving Wild Friends. Lions & a Man. Kevin Richardson with his lions.

A new movie tells about a rare white lion
who is lucky to be saved from becoming a prey of the recreational hunters.

Kevin Richardson man white lions movie film

Kevin Richardson man white lions movie film
Photos by Denis Farrell/AP

Kevin Richardson man white lions movie film

Kevin Richardson who is known as "The Lion Whisperer"
is the man of the movie and the lions best friend.
He is hoping to raise awareness and help save lions from being hunted down
while living in enclosed areas after being bred and raised in captivity in South Africa.
The pictures show him with the lions in the enclosure
at the Kingdom of the White Lion park in Broederstroom, South Africa.

MORE VIDEOS after the jump


October that happens once in 823 years. 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays, 5 Sundays.

So this October 2010 has 5 Fridays 5 Saturdays 5 Sundays.
It only happens once in 823 years.

Isn't it something that makes having a calendar
all that more important. :)

See october 2010 calendar


Mandala 10/10/10. Sunday Creation.

10/10/10 Sunday led me to make this piece of symmetry.
It now can be used for meditation, visualization,
contemplation of spiritual ( or any ) matter,
and of course just as a stand-alone calendar page.

MANDALA 10/10/10 calendar page

Mandala: symmetrical, usually circular design
used mainly in Hinduism and Buddhism as a meditation object.
Read about Symmetry

mandala calendar picture pink blue yellow red green

mandala coloring picture bw drawing
I made this one uncolored, bw, so you can print it out
and give it to a kid to color or color it yourself if you like.
I think it can make a cute tee shirt picture too.



it's a long story with a lot of pages.coloring pages though...

Yes, the story is long but there is a lot to color.
So, to make a long story short I will just tell where it is. It's all here.


'no news' post is to break the rules of posting

Rule number one: If there's nothing to say don't say anything.

Rule number two: Rules are meant to be broken.

This post is basically a two rule mix that has nothing in it besides the matching statement that shows... well... nothing really. :))


Brutus, the bear is a spoiled furry friend. He even got to be best man at the wedding.

This friendship is adorable but I think it's quite demanding too.
Naturalist Casey Anderson has adopted a 58-stone grizzly bear called Brutus and raised him since birth.
The bear even acted as best man when Anderson married Charlie and the Chocolate Factory actress Missi Pyle.
brown grizzly bear Brutus.Casey Anderson.Montana Grizzly Encounter
grizzly bear Brutus at the table.thanksgiving diner
grizzly bear Brutus in the pool.brown bear

Casey says that many people wrongly assume that bears are blood-thirsty man eaters when the opposite is actually true and that they normally shun human contact. But Brutus isn't shy when it comes to having his meal at the family dinner table
Anderson created the Montana Grizzly Encounter animal sanctuary and said that it was Brutus who has prompted him to do that.
It's believed that grizzly bears are intelligent and inquisitive creatures and usually have no intention to cause any harm to humans. They are mostly vegetarian and eat about 35 pounds of food daily and weigh up to 1,200 pounds.
Grizzly bear is a type of brown bear and generally lives in the uplands of western North America.
You can read more about grizzly bears here

VIDEO: Brutus at the family diner table on Thanksgiving day.

WATCH MORE HERE after the jump


earth quake came from Santa Monica in the early morning

This earthquake was 3.6, happened around 2:30 in the morning, felt pretty strong but it was quick and so I willed myself back to sleep not too long after that.
I was waiting for the aftershocks for a while and was in bed thinking I should go back to sleep since it was only 2:30 am. I waked up right before that as I usually do when this things happen, I don't know why and I don't know it before it happens.
I can't tell about the aftershocks as I was asleep, which was a really big accomplishment to me, I feel lucky if I can sleep after that, considering I can never get used to the earth quakes and it's always distressing, whether it's a day or night.So right now it's a bright day, not sunny yet which is fine and I'm trying to do a million things at once, again, but not before the scrambled eggs and some ginger tea to warm up and speed down.

*Refresh and reinvent... And have some tea...


hazelnuts, cookies and a strawberry on top.

melt chocolate and pour over properly positioned hazelnuts sitting on top of the cookies
strawberries are making it all brighter

I didn't make this but I plan on doing so some time.
It looks like if you bake or buy some cookies, melt chocolate and pour over properly positioned hazelnuts sitting on top of the cookies you'll get a replica of this looking as good as it taste little sweet rounds.
This cookies are thin and crisp but I think I would try to make it with a softer kind of cookie too.
The strawberries are making it all brighter and more taste and color balanced.


before and after noon

sunny trees
the trees ...bw
street flowers ...mixingmatch

Just following the road... Not saying a lot... Not too fast...


work it baby

The smartest kitty was discovered recently by a college student who completed his regular assignment in the extra study of the Internet...

read...{no more}


foodographic work

6 elements ... MIXINGMATCH
fast fish
pasta shells & co ... MIXINGMATCH

I made this in the evening with 6 elements, for a very late dinner .

Elements are as follows :

pasta shells, org. radish, onions by Ralpf's, avocado by Albertson's,
sea weed by WF, swai fish by Vons.
xtra : sea salt, olive oil by TJ. The fish is cooked in a few spoons of water. Takes about the same time as pasta.

cost : about 86¢.
time : about 20 min.


raining not

fresh view
my t shirt ... MIXINGMATCH

It was too pretty outside after the rain. So I snapped a few views.
Found the picture of the t shirt I had in my closet at some point. Good thing I took that picture, may be I'll find another tee for it.


the art of the door. bathroom inspiration

bathroom beauty ...MIXINGMATCH
inspired bathroom

Beauty and the Bath. This is a bathroom door in one funky restaurant. The place has a lot of other stuff inside.
More from it later.


walking on the sidewalk

night flowers ...MIXINGMATCH
more flowers ...MIXINGMATCH

Just a few flowers from the sidewalk.

drinking arrangements

pinemango fly
cherry company
all done
watered up
drink time ...MIXINGMATCH

I arranged this one with 3 participants and called it ''Pinemango Cherie''.
The participants are unsugared, unsulfured, unfaked. /aka real/
Instructions: tear or scissor cut the dry fruit. Put all in a glass. Add boiling water. Rest around for a few minutes. Have a drink.
Don't like labor? Water up the whole slices.


blooming bottle. plastic reincarnated.

blooming bottle

recycled reincarnated plastic

Once there was a bottle...It was full...then empty...And It had a dream...to become something one day... Not just get remelted into another container to hold water...even spring water...or worse, to be totally unrecycled. But to become something of a different nature... And it became a spring flower.
...................................Hold on to that dream...

Flowers made from plastic bottles.


a new girl in blog-town. she blogs, she blogs...

cute little blogger

She blogs, she blogs...( hello Ricky ).
Ooh, no...
She shouldn't be doing this at 5 years old. Going to the fashion shows...
People aren't sure if she's writing those posts. Well, if she did she'd be a genius.
Otherwise she is just a little girl.
For some reason some commenters don't think so.
To check killer comments proceed here.


cute as a snail. and a pet too.

hello, i'm a snail. who are you?
two snails
snail. cute pet

The girl is giving it out for free but she is in Moscow so here's the link if you're there or may be on your way to the airport :))


sweet dream is a reality

marshmallow in a jar. good for you. ...MIXINGMATCH

Sunday afternoon. A jar with marshmallow.

Perfect combination.