work it baby

The smartest kitty was discovered recently by a college student who completed his regular assignment in the extra study of the Internet...

read...{no more}


foodographic work

6 elements ... MIXINGMATCH
fast fish
pasta shells & co ... MIXINGMATCH

I made this in the evening with 6 elements, for a very late dinner .

Elements are as follows :

pasta shells, org. radish, onions by Ralpf's, avocado by Albertson's,
sea weed by WF, swai fish by Vons.
xtra : sea salt, olive oil by TJ. The fish is cooked in a few spoons of water. Takes about the same time as pasta.

cost : about 86¢.
time : about 20 min.


raining not

fresh view
my t shirt ... MIXINGMATCH

It was too pretty outside after the rain. So I snapped a few views.
Found the picture of the t shirt I had in my closet at some point. Good thing I took that picture, may be I'll find another tee for it.


the art of the door. bathroom inspiration

bathroom beauty ...MIXINGMATCH
inspired bathroom

Beauty and the Bath. This is a bathroom door in one funky restaurant. The place has a lot of other stuff inside.
More from it later.


walking on the sidewalk

night flowers ...MIXINGMATCH
more flowers ...MIXINGMATCH

Just a few flowers from the sidewalk.

drinking arrangements

pinemango fly
cherry company
all done
watered up
drink time ...MIXINGMATCH

I arranged this one with 3 participants and called it ''Pinemango Cherie''.
The participants are unsugared, unsulfured, unfaked. /aka real/
Instructions: tear or scissor cut the dry fruit. Put all in a glass. Add boiling water. Rest around for a few minutes. Have a drink.
Don't like labor? Water up the whole slices.