Brutus, the bear is a spoiled furry friend. He even got to be best man at the wedding.

This friendship is adorable but I think it's quite demanding too.
Naturalist Casey Anderson has adopted a 58-stone grizzly bear called Brutus and raised him since birth.
The bear even acted as best man when Anderson married Charlie and the Chocolate Factory actress Missi Pyle.
brown grizzly bear Brutus.Casey Anderson.Montana Grizzly Encounter
grizzly bear Brutus at the table.thanksgiving diner
grizzly bear Brutus in the pool.brown bear

Casey says that many people wrongly assume that bears are blood-thirsty man eaters when the opposite is actually true and that they normally shun human contact. But Brutus isn't shy when it comes to having his meal at the family dinner table
Anderson created the Montana Grizzly Encounter animal sanctuary and said that it was Brutus who has prompted him to do that.
It's believed that grizzly bears are intelligent and inquisitive creatures and usually have no intention to cause any harm to humans. They are mostly vegetarian and eat about 35 pounds of food daily and weigh up to 1,200 pounds.
Grizzly bear is a type of brown bear and generally lives in the uplands of western North America.
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VIDEO: Brutus at the family diner table on Thanksgiving day.

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