Funny Google Trouble. Getting Lost in the world wide web.

Hello Google... Where is my name?

I thought this story was funny until I actually figured out
it's hilarious.

A person named Irina Slutsky doesn't think you should be quick
to blame anyone for being given a name when she's describing her way
out of Google.
Remember: don't judge a book by it's cover, after all 
it's not the book's fault- what kind of cover it's got.

Here is a small piece from the trouble report:

"...Google Instant search box... We tried typing letter by letter. S ... skype, sears, southwest airlines. SL ... sleep train, slanted door. SLU.... slumdog millionaire, slurpee. SLUT...SLUTS....

We added the "K," thinking that would solve it. SLUTSK.... still nothing. Only after you clicked "search" did my clips, my Twitter account and my GeekTV videos show up. But the beauty of Google Instant is that it's click-free..."

Well, everyone loves Google, anyway...
And as we all know, small problems make love grow stronger.
Google probably knows that too, and more.
So, let's search on...
You can read the whole story of the lost name right here.

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