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When I was a kid I liked to collect post cards.
It was a collection of pictures more than it was a collection of cards.
Kind of like: a card doesn't make the picture, it's the picture that makes the card.
I don't know why I thought of that... Just an analogy exercise.
The cameras weren't digital then and they didn't even take color pictures very well,
so the post cards were a big deal.

It all has changed, or at least some important parts of it.
The post cards are still in business but hey, who minds?
So basically I'm into the same thing here with my pictures, it's just more convenient
to add stories to it.
I don't know how this describes me as an individual but this is what I come up with,
trying to say something meaningful and important about myself.

I think the things about us that are important to us on a personal level,
are different from the things about us that are important to others.
While there may be a sort of equilibrium between these two points, it's always a matter of well calculated choice if we want to make a powerful statement.

And right now I'm calculating....

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